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In today's global economy, protecting human and intellectual capital has become a major priority. Trade secrets are invaluable company assets that provide an essential competitive advantage. The Trade Secret Group at Brinks Gilson & Lione is uniquely situated to assist clients with trade secret protection. The Brinks team brinks together a diverse group of lawyers with real-world work experience and legal acumen to address the diverse needs of clients, identify key legal issues, and provide the resources to protect clients' complex and valuable trade secrets.

The Trade Secret Group attorneys at Brinks work with clients to draft nondisclosure, confidentiality, non-competition and other employee-related agreements as wells as appropriate agreements for supplier and customer relationships--all designed to protect trade secrets and confidential information and to assist with risk avoidance in dealing with third-party information. In addition, the Trade Secret Group is experienced with drafting, negotiating and preparing license agreements involving trade secrets. 

Your innovations are essential to your business success. Brinks lawyers will help you develop and implement the best legal and business measures to safeguard your company's valuable trade secrets and confidential information. When litigation is necessary, Brinks is well-equipped with the resources to deal with the fast pace that drives trade secret cases. The Trade Secret Group will work with you in a cost-effective, value-driven manner to ensure that your trade secrets are fully protected to preserve your competitive advantage

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