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Patent Prosecution

Patent law constantly evolves alongside the technology it protects.

Its ability to adapt and to respond is good news for those on the forefront of technology, but bad news for those who seek certainty of outcomes.

In 2011, the Leahy-Smith America Invents Act (AIA) rewrote the rules for patent prosecution and enforcement—rules  that are still being interpreted, challenged and changed. As a result, the patent strategies used today must anticipate the regime of tomorrow.

Brinks Gilson & Lione has a lead on the future of patent prosecution. Since our founding in 1917, our lawyers have worked directly with the patent office and have kept a sharp focus on patent prosecution issues. Representing many of the world’s largest and most innovative owners of intellectual property, we are on the front lines of legal and regulatory developments every day. We not only see the future of patent law, we help create it.


With more than 40 advanced scientific and technical degrees, Brinks lawyers and patent agents speak the language of innovation. Many have held private industry positions providing hands-on technology and engineering experience, along with a practical understanding of business issues. Our client-side perspective helps us anticipate obstacles, spot opportunities and develop strategies to increase portfolio value.


Our technical knowledge gives you the edge in the sprint to the patent office, where the patent is awarded to the first to file. We immerse ourselves in your engineering, science, and business to help identify patentable material at an early stage. Speaking your language means that we can more quickly prepare a complete technical description of your innovation to achieve more rapid filing at the patent office.

Challenge -Resistant Patents

With the advent of AIA post-grant proceedings, the protection of your patents must adapt to the new reality of stronger patent challenges. Your patent’s best protection from attack? Prepare for it early in the prosecution phase, well before the patent is issued. Our prosecution group works hand-in-hand with our litigation group to adapt, respond and prepare for challenges to come.

Act Globally

The more successful your innovation, the more protection is needed. Brinks clients trust our experience to help them safeguard patent portfolios around the world. We use all available tools—including Fast-Track programs and international compacts—and a network of trusted international partners to develop and execute comprehensive global patent strategies.

Moving Forward with

Inside Knowledge

Brinks clients receive regular IP Alerts on breaking judicial decisions, IP legislation, rulemaking and best practices. Our clients also have access to our CLEar Knowledge Now panel videos and other CLE materials.

Flash Docket

Flash Docket is a proprietary software solution that automatically updates clients' patent information by directly connecting Brinks' docketing technology to the Patent Application Information Retrieval (PAIR) system at the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

Client Portals

Client Portals offer 24/7 access to your domestic and foreign matters. The Client Portals are implemented as web portals that provide secure access from virtually anywhere to your applications, USPTO correspondence, docket information, and due date reports. Your Client Portal is extensible.

Custom Analytics

Our docketing system captures detailed USPTO data from the PAIR system, including art unit and examiner data. Our docketing system enables client specific analysis of your portfolio to help obtain a better understanding of how your applications are progressing through the USPTO and to identify potential roadblocks in advance.

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