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Protecting your original works of authorship and complying with the copyright laws are important priorities for our clients. Copyright law is evolving rapidly in this increasingly digital and global world, requiring a deep understanding of the law as well as the platforms for creating and deploying literature, music, art, and other copyrighted works. We help copyright owners protect their ownership interests, proactively advise them about the benefits of registration and the need to obtain permissions and licenses where appropriate, and offer guidance and counsel concerning fair use issues.  When the need arises, our experienced copyright litigators go to court or alternative dispute forums to enforce and defend our client’s copyright-related interests. 

Brinks Gilson & Lione, a full-service intellectual property firm, offers comprehensive capabilities in copyright matters.  Our attorneys are active thought leaders in the copyright community, applying our copyright experience and expertise with an eye toward future innovations and forms of creative expression.

We speak your language, and can meet your copyright needs.

Many of our copyright lawyers are talented and creative individuals in their own right – authors, dancers, and musicians – as well as patrons of the arts.  We understand and appreciate the importance of copyright law.

We represent people and companies who create books, magazines and other written works of authorship; music and sound recordings; visual arts; television shows and motion pictures; theater and dance; architectural works; compilations and databases; computer programs; video games; web sites and online content; and multimedia works.

We assist clients with copyright registrations, and with copyright ownership documentation, including work made for hire agreements, copyright assignments and licenses, and performing rights licenses. We help with multinational transactions, and with copyright compliance, including at the Copyright Compliance Center. We provide clearance opinions, conduct due diligence investigations and investigations into copyright ownership and status, and advise on questions of fair use. We also assist with compliance with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act; obtaining permissions; copyright audits; and related opinion work. When our clients need to be in court for copyright disputes, we are well-equipped to protect and defend their interests.

"Corporate INTL magazine Copyright Law Firm of the Year - Illinois, 2015, 2017"

Clients around the world rely on Brinks Gilson & Lione for guidance on copyright law – in Industry, music and the arts.

Copyright law continues to encounter and accommodate technological innovations – the Internet, social media networks, file and image sharing, to name a few. Technological innovations that seem commonplace today, like the photocopier or the video recorder, digital audio, and ebooks, once presented unique challenges to the application of fundamental copyright principles. This trend continues with the creative endeavors and innovations such as appropriation art and 3-D printing. We have always been, and remain, at the cutting edge where copyright law intersects with technology, fair use, and First Amendment principles. 

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