Length: 1.0HR
Brinks Webinar | Understanding Patent Examiner Docketing & Workflow to Expedite Prosecution
October 26, 2016

In our continuing series, “Peeking Behind the Curtain – Explaining the Inner Workings of the US Patent Office,” John Pani and John Freeman presented “Understanding Patent Examiner Docketing & Workflow to Expedite Prosecution.”

The webinar will provide information on the USPTO’s docket and workflow system (including how an Examiner’s docket is organized and presented to the Examiner), and provide recommendations to strategically use this information to efficiently and effectively prosecute patent applications, including:

  • How does the USPTO monitor and manage the timing of Examiners’ responses to applicants’ patent application filings?
  • When to contact Examiners to alert them that a filing has been submitted
  • How to work with Supervisory Patent Examiners to resolve problematic situations
If you do not wish to receive CLE credit for watching the webcast you can view it from our YouTube page.

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