Brinks Webinar | The Realm of Chemicals: Nanotechnology and Key Cases for 2017
February 01, 2017

Brinks attorneys Rashad Morgan, Aisha Hasan and Mark Jenkins will provide an insightful discussion on topics which will include:  the National Nanotechnology initiative, update on the nanotech "patent thicket" and recent nanotech caselaw, and a synopsis of upcoming 2017 Supreme Court Cases relating to patent litigation. 

Topics discussed will feature:

  • Overview of the National Nanotechnology Initiative including:
    • 2016 Strategic Plan, and goals
    • Public Comments of the Strategic Plan, including the idea of open science – federally funded nanotechnology documentation open source
    • Correlation between the intellectual property policies and the Strategic Plan
  •  2016 Nanotechnology “Patent Thicket” update:
    • What is the nanotech “patent thicket”
    • Strategies for navigating the thicket
    • Impact on litigation - 2016 case review
  • Preview of three upcoming Supreme Court cases to be heard in 2017 addressing:
    • Proper venue for patent litigation
    • Suitable level of potential infringement exposure companies undergo when exporting components of a patented invention
    • Appropriate scope of the common-law doctrine of patent exhaustion