Mindy N. Rittner Ph.D.
Patent Agent

“As someone who does patent prosecution and works with examiners at the Patent Office, I’ve learned that part of the job in getting a patent issued is skill and part of it is effectively engaging with examiners. I’ve learned how to push the process forward so that my clients can achieve their objectives.”

Having worked in the nanotechnology space in academia and industry for more than a decade, Dr. Mindy Rittner brings deep experience to her clients and colleagues as both a scientific advisor and patent agent. Focused on patent preparation and prosecution, Mindy’s practice has an emphasis on materials science, nanotechnology, and the mechanical and electrical arts. 

Mindy sees her hands-on research experience as the chief reason she can effectively communicate with and relate to inventors, many of whom are scientists and engineers. Additionally, scaling the learning curve in such a complex field early on in her career gave Mindy the ability to quickly understand other emerging technologies. Today she is one of the most versatile new technology experts in the firm.

Mindy combines her extensive knowledge base with a dedication to do whatever it takes to help clients achieve their objectives, an attitude that helps move her practice forward. 

Practice Groups
  • Ph.D., Materials Science & Engineering
    Northwestern University
  • B.S.E., Mechanical Engineering, cum laude
    Princeton University
Bar Admissions
  • U.S. Patent & Trademark Office
Experience | Overview
  • Mindy is registered to practice before the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office as a patent agent, and has drafted and prosecuted patent applications on a wide range of subject matter, including nanostructures, composite materials, metal alloys, thin films and coatings, 3D printing, materials processing methods, medical products, diagnostic systems, light emitting devices, semiconductor technology, and magnetic materials and systems.
  • In her role as scientific advisor, Mindy provides technical expertise in support of opinion work, due diligence investigations and litigation strategy.
  • Prior to joining the firm, Mindy worked as a scientist and inventor at Argonne National Laboratory and Northwestern University, and then as Director of Nanotechnology Research at BCC Research, Inc. (BCC), a technical-market research firm.
  • Mindy’s academic honors include being awarded an Amelia Earhart Fellowship and Walter P. Murphy Fellowship, both while earning her Ph.D. in Materials Science & Engineering from Northwestern University
Experience | Legal
Brinks Gilson & Lione, Chicago, IL
Scientific Advisor and Registered Patent Agent, 2005-Present
Experience | Non-Legal

BCC Research, Inc., Norwalk, CT
Director of Nanotechnology Research and Industry Analyst, 1996-2005
Editor, Nanoparticle News
Co-Chair, Nanomaterials Annual Conference

Northwestern University and Argonne National Laboratory, Evanston and Argonne, IL
Research Fellow and Assistant, 1991-1996

AT&T Bell Laboratories, Holmdel, NJ
Technical Associate, Summer, 1990

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Representative Matters
  • U.S. Patent 9,704,951, “Apparatus and Method for Magnetic Field Guided Metal-Assisted Chemical Etching,” issued on July 11, 2017.

  • U.S. Patent 9,675,481, “Hybrid Balloon-Expandable/Self-Expanding Prosthesis for Deployment in a Body Vessel and Method of Making,” issued on June 13, 2017.

  • U.S. Patent 9,680,161, “Noble Metal-Based Electrocatalyst and Method of Treating a Noble Metal-Based Electrocatalyst,” issued on June 13, 2017.

  • WO/2017/095773, “Hydrogel Composite Ink Formulation and Method of 4D Printing a Hydrogel Composite Structure,” published June 8, 2017.

  • WO/2017/079130, “Block Copolymer Ink Formulation for 3D Printing and Method of Making a 3D Printed Radiofrequency (RF) Device,” published May 11, 2017.

  • U.S. Patent 9,643,358, “Multinozzle Deposition System for Direct Write Applications,” issued on May 9, 2017.

  • WO/2017/074925, “Architecture for Achieving Stable Wave Propagation through a Soft Material,” published May 4, 2017.

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  • Amelia Earhart Fellow, Northwestern University
  • Walter P. Murphy Fellow, Northwestern University
  • Materials Research Society (MRS)