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A large firm.  A mid-size firm. A specialty firm. Brinks Gilson & Lione is all three.

For a specialty firm, we are indeed large, having more than 130 attorneys, scientific advisors and patent agents, as well as an impressive roster of high-profile clients. We have abundant opportunities to keep you challenged, learning and growing throughout your career. Compared to large general practice firms, however, we're mid-size - the right size for preserving the sense of community we cherish.

That sense of community draws a lot of its strength from the innate friendliness and genuine inclusiveness of Brinks's team members. Whether linking up for an after-work group run, exchanging views on a point of law, or passing the paint brush at a community service project, Brinks's lawyers are "people people."

The truth of that shows up clearly in the quality and frequency of interaction between our associates and our shareholders. Shareholders routinely make themselves available, and associates routinely take them up on the offer. The impulse is often spontaneous.

At Brinks, many new associates have commented with approval that "this doesn't feel like a law firm." Some mention the obvious camaraderie, some the informality (a firm-wide trait), some the candor or the air of fun - and some all of the above.

Behind the observation, though, lies a larger meaning: ours is a work culture where people are at ease being themselves. They know that, by just being a part of Brinks, they are credited with fully embracing our firm's cornerstone values; these include working zealously for clients, respecting all other Brinks professionals, sharing knowledge generously with peers, and seeking professional and career development.

Brinks Gilson & Lione is seeking law students interested in practicing intellectual property law with one of the most prominent firms of this specialty in the country.  Successful applicants for summer associate and associate positions will have excellent academic performance in both undergraduate and law school (usually top 25% of class), and demonstrate outstanding oral and written communication skills.  Participation in extra-curricular activities (law review, other law journals, moot court, and other organizations) is highly desirable.  Litigation-related coursework and other forms of recognition and awards are also relevant.

For our patent practice, which comprises the majority of our hiring, we require a technical undergraduate degree in, for example, engineering, chemistry, physics, computer science, or biotechnology.  We are interviewing second and third-year students with technical backgrounds in one or more of these areas.

For our trademark practice, we are seeking second and third-year students with liberal arts or business degrees who have a strong interest in specializing in this area of law.

To apply online for an attorney, patent agent, or scientific advisor position, please click here.

To apply online for 2018 Summer Program, please click here.

Recruitment, Diversity, and Attorney Development Contacts

Robert Ramirez
Associate Recruitment and Diversity Manager
312.840.3169 | Direct

Mary Kate Driscoll
Director of Practice Group Operations and Diversity
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