Brinks Webcast - Patent Prosecution Strategies in the Wake of USPTO's Myriad-Mayo Guidance
June 25, 2014

Please join our attorneys William R. Boudreaux, Jennifer L. Fox and Rashad L. Morgan, as they discuss the USPTO Guidance, the underlying case law related to the Guidance, and the implications for U.S. practice, including:

  • Subject Matter Eligibility for biotechnology inventions in the United States, in view of recent Supreme Court precedent
  • The USPTO’s Procedure for implementing these recent decisions through the Guidance and its impact on drafting and prosecuting claims
  • Pending cases in the lower courts that may have an impact on the USPTO’s application of the Guidance
  • Application of the Guidance to pending applications in the USPTO
  • Strategies for drafting claims that will be deemed eligible based on the recent Supreme Court precedent and the Guidance

Webcast Time:
12:00PM - 1:00PM (CDT)

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