Brinks Breakfast Briefing Series: Effective Patent Term Adjustment & Extension Strategies
May 07, 2014
Brinks Gilson & Lione
222 S. Main Street, Suite 1900
Salt Lake City, UT

The value of patent term adjustments and extensions is considerable for companies looking to protect a successful product.
Different prosecution strategies can positively, or negatively, affect the term of a patent. This fact, combined with court decisions for governing extensions have made it critical for patent owners to devise and implement a strategic patent term policy.

Please join us for a discussion into the following issues affecting patent terms:

  • How long does my patent last?  Have the court decisions lengthened or shortened the term of my patents?
  • What are the strategic and economic values of extending a patent?
  • How long do I have to wait until my competitors patent expires?
  • Can routine activities such as maintenance fees play a part in my strategy? 

*Utah CLE Credit Pending.