Amir Penn and John Nethery to Present at VRX 2016 Conference & Expo
December 7-9

On December 7, Amir Penn and John Nethery will be presenting, "Patents: Why they matter so much as VR takes hold" at the VRX 2016 Conference & Expo.

The presentation will discuss how every business enterprise develops and applies a sophisticated toolkit necessary to achieve a diverse array of important objectives. And while this is true for all enterprises, there are many businesses that have a toolkit deficient in one critical respect.

Learn how patents and patent applications are adaptable tools, how to turbocharge your toolkit with them and what they can accomplish for your business, whether startup or industry juggernaut. With the race to develop amazing VR hardware, platforms and content going at an incredible pace, properly protecting your ideas and technologies becomes even more important in order to meet your business objectives.

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